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Take A Step Backwards in Time

Park Place is a late 1960's era drive-in located directly between the Westminster City Park and Public Library. We offer a full soda shop ice cream menu, gourmet coffee menu, and premium hot dogs. Our banana splits are the best around, but the number one thing we offer are smiles! You can not be sad while eating ice cream or drinking a mocha latte while listening to The Temptations. We offer indoor and out door seating, have an ⅓ scale ice cream truck for the kids to play on, and the park has two large covered picnic area if you'd like to picnic. Westminster is a golf cart friendly town and we offer golf cart parking if you'd like to stop in on your afternoon cruise through town.




To A Simpler Time

We offer many sugar free, dairy free, and vegan options including vegan friendly ice cream and an assortment of non-dairy milks. We also are fully handicap accessible.  We are an old school drive-in, but one thing that needs to stay in the past is excluding people who aren't just like us. Park Place is a place for everyone!

Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.

And Relive Childhood Memories

Other than that, we have gone to great lengths to be authentic to our chosen time using antiques and new old stock as much as possible. Our clock is genuine hand bent neon glass, our counters are made from the original shelves from this building dated 1955, and our ceiling is real tin tile. Please enjoy the atmosphere and take a trip back to a simpler time as you enjoy your meal.

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